Do you need some time to reconnect to your heart and spirit?

Would you like to reconnect to the ancient wisdom of our first peoples?

Many of us know very little about the culture and beliefs of our indigenous people. We have been exposed to their art and dance and that is often it. Did you know that the cutting edge of our science is now telling us that what the indigenous people have always known about our makeup and nature, is true?

Science is telling us we are much more powerful than we have ever imagined and that we are all literally interconnected.

We are offering you the opportunity to experience first hand, the knowledge and wisdom of our indigenous people on our Reconnection to Ancient Wisdom retreat to Central Australia.

The “Return to Wisdom Retreats” are facilitated in the heart of Australia in the magnificent East MacDonnell Range. This incredible setting to the east of Alice Springs has been home to the Arrenrte people of Central Australia for thousands of years. It also served as the inspiration for many of the world renowned artworks of perhaps our most famous indigenous artist, Albert Namatjirra.

During the 4 day retreat we will take the participants through some of the most ancient and unspoilt land on the planet. Due to the remoteness of this incredible landscape, it remains largely untouched and still holds the raw energy and magic spoken of in myths and legends within the Arrenrte culture.

The retreat is based within the Ross River station, which is 83 kms east of Alice Springs.

We are fortunate to have a private campsite available to us. The Starlight campsite is 4 kms from the main homestead of the Ross River resort. Starlight gives us the unique opportunity to maintain privacy and still be close to amenities.

The campsite offers small basic huts with camp beds. All sleeping bags, swags etc. are provided for the participants. All food is supplied from the homestead and there are vegetarian options available.

Rarely are the mysteries and wisdom of our first people so freely and warmly shared.

Day 1

Arrival and transfer from Alice Springs airport to Hotel. Check in and group gathering in the afternoon at the hotel.

Day 2

Depart Alice Springs mid-morning. Stops at sacred sites. Arrive campsite late afternoon. Set up camp, dinner, camp fire.

Day 3

Sacred sites and sessions with Frank Ansell and Andrew. Evening campfire circle.

Day 4

Morning session with Frank on country, and afternoon integration session with Andrew. Evening campfire.

Day 5

Morning session with Frank discovering the country and wisdom of the Arrenrte people. Afternoon session with Andrew, evening campfire.

Day 6

Morning pack up. Closing circle, travel to Alice Springs airport for flights home.


Days are divided into exploring the land, its history and its energy through the filter of our indigenous culture. Frank Ansell, indigenous medicine man and nungkari generously and lovingly translates the learnings and understandings into practical tools and skills that support the personal awareness and growth of each participant.

Evenings are spent around a campfire, as has been the tradition on this land for thousands of years. The Milky Way provides the perfect backdrop for sharing and creating a deep connection.

This retreat will be led by the esteemed Aboriginal Elder and Healer, Frank Ansell, and co-facilitated by Andrew Leitch. This is a  journey that will tap into the wisdom of the 80,000 year history of our indigenous people as well as their deep connection to the land in the heart of Australia. In these times of great change and many challenges it is imperative we look for new ways of connecting and engaging with ourselves and others. This means firstly looking inside of ourselves and finding who we are, who we would like to be and then building the bridge between these two states of being. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, the world needs people who are fully committed to bringing all of themselves to every endeavour.

The retreat will give you tools to:

  • Explore the beliefs and stories that currently shape your life, and to discover if they serve you.
  • Learn how to truly embody who it is you are truly wanting to be in the world.
  • How to connect with yourself and others in a deeper and more sustained way.
  • Maintain connection with your Spirit and vision no matter where you are.


We have been facilitating retreats to the East MacDonnell range for 8 years now and feel well equipped to meet the needs of each group, with the understanding that each group is different and may have differing needs.

We pride ourselves on creating and holding the physical, mental and emotional space for our participants to truly thrive and grow through their time spent with us.

Investment for the retreat is $2150 ex GST which includes:

  • 1 nights accomodation at The Chifley resort Alice Springs (Twin Share)
  • All food (vegetarian option available) and camping gear and fees
  • Transportation
  • Facilitation fees

Places are filling for this retreat. Contact Andrew for more information, or to book your place.

Phone number: 0402 842 058