Andrew believes that our connection to our purpose and the energy that that gives us, is the fast track to tapping into our creative genius, our most connected and engaged states, and our fullest human potential.

Andrew, as the founder of Evolutionary Intelligence supports individuals and organisations to:
1. Create and maintain a purpose and values driven culture.
2. Create and manage change consciously
3. Facilitate deeper levels of engagement and connection
4. To develop frameworks, language and behaviour that support healthy thriving individuals and workplaces
5. Foster and embody a culture of innovation

He takes the latest scientific research combined with indigenous wisdom and open discussion about the power of spirit, heart, body and mind, deep into the heart of the business world with powerful and surprising results.

Andrew began his career as an internationally regarded professional dancer, performing in some of the most prestigious venues in the world. After 15 years on stage, Andrew studied psychotherapy and developed the programs that support so many people through True to You. He was particularly fascinated by ancient indigenous wisdom and the nexus between their wisdom and the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Andrew pursued his passion to bring together ancient indigenous knowledge and spent extensive time with the indigenous people of Australia and abroad, and completed formal training as a Body Psychotherapist.

In addition to his work in organizations with True to You, Andrew leads retreats alongside Indigenous healers, to Central Australia through this business, Spirit Adventure Tours.